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Apr. 26th, 2011

09:49 am - "your kiss"

"your kiss"

I know why it's so cold here
I feel the world is Watching
I know your there Hearing me sing
But I don't know you

You see me hold the microphone
You hear the notes as they flow
My lips they part for words of you
And you come close

Wont you Breath in my song
Cant you Sigh to my lips
I will be waiting for you
Tarana of waiting
Waiting for your kiss

I know why I'm falling apart
I see the eyes staring
I know your there singing along
But I can't hear you

You see me eyes as they tear
You wish you could hold me near
My eyes wet without
memories of you

Wont you Breath in my song
Cant you Sigh to my lips
I will be waiting for you
Waiting for your kiss
Waiting for your kiss
Waiting for your kiss
Waiting for your kiss
Waiting for your kiss

performed this at subcontinental drift (open mic at liv above bohemian caverns) tonight. very well received! :D

Sep. 8th, 2008

11:13 pm - new song! "savor"


by rishi das

touch with your eyes
kiss with your breath
sing with a summer's breeze
and never forget

he's waiting for you
as the morning shines in
savor his sunday morning kiss
he's falling for you

tell him where you are
he wants to know you're beside
tell him who you are
he wants to know you're close by
hear his heart sing
and write him this song
he's cold
he's cold when you're not there
he's cold when you're not there
to kiss him good night

breathe with your feelings
sigh ever moment
give up the feelings
you had for him in each moment

sing him a rhapsody
symphonic scores
harmonize with yourself
and let him feel
what you are inside

tell him where you are
he wants to know you're beside
tell him who you are
he wants to know you're close by
hear his heart sing
and write him this song
he's cold
he's cold when
he's cold
he's cold when you're not there
he's cold when you're not there
to kiss him good night

touch with your eyes
kiss with your breath
savor his sunday morning kiss
and wake to his smile

Jul. 30th, 2008

11:23 pm - emotionless

by rishi

deep in thought the day goes by
i lie awake, my solemn night
deep within my memories
i write away, my life

fascinating weatherings
teach me lessons on everything
fascinating thoughts prevail
i wonder where i've failed.

tickled by the thought of me
awake again with glee
and when the morning breaks i feel.

May. 21st, 2008

08:43 am - after the bus ride this morning

by rishi

It hurts me.
when you slap me across the face
when we're out for a stroll and you intentionally trip me
It seems not.
It hurts me.

I wander nights.
Midnights searching for someone to hold
You are here, but clearly I am a passerby
I think not.
It hurts me.

Strangely gasps resonate
An echo creates the haunting essence
You've so created in my empty heart
It hurts me.

May. 12th, 2008

03:25 pm - poem! in bengalI! with translation!

a poem in bangla by rishi (with ugly translation)

durer lokra aashe kachhe (people from distances come near)
silker shate zari bandhe (they mix the zari with the silk)
shonar ar rupor kaj dakhi (we see the detail of gold and silver)
tangail sharir aanchole pakhi (a bird, in the aanchol of the tangail sari)

hawaye pakhi ure jai (in the wind, the bird flies)
kuhu geet-e bolte chai (in its song it wants to say)
"ogo mashi aasho ekhon ("hey Auntie, come now)
amaye khabar debe kokhon?" (when will you give me food?)

Mashi aashe graam theke (The Auntie comes fom the village)
kancha am ar lebu niye (With unripened mango and a lemon)
haate pora pola, shankha (In her arm she wears a polla and shankha)
mukhe ektu sindur ankha (drawn on her face, sindur)

Janla theke bari-ma bole (From the window says the grandmother)
"Ashbo niche torkari hole, ("i will come down when the mixed-vegitable is done)
Ektu paanwalir theke kine aan (go to the paan seller and bring some)
amra duti khabo paan." (we two will eat the paan")

Mashi kinte pashe jai (The Auntie goes beside to make purchases)
bole jor-e "are, ai!" (She says aloud, "hey come!")
Pakhi ashe, supori niye (The birdy comes, with supari)
paane phale, chunna diye. (and drops it in in the paan, with chunna [lime powder]).

Mashi ar pakhi bari jai (The Auntie and the birdy go home)
Bari ma bole, "dukhe ai! (the Grandmother says "come inside!)
Tor shari to shundor lagche (Wow your sari looks very pretty!)
Are! Mone hoi pakhi hashche." (oh my! it looks like the bird is smiling.)

its much prettier in bangla, and doesn't really make sense in english.

May. 9th, 2008

08:39 am - we had quite a thunderstorm/flashflood warning last night

someone for me
by rishi

standing alone in the rain tonight
i am feeling the cold i am warm and I know
where the sun is hiding, and the moon is showing
itself and i am alone

someone is somewhere waiting for me
to be a kind heart and let him see myself free
i am waiting for someone
i know not who someone
i wait for someone for me

standing away from the trees in street
there are raindrops falling, they're falling on me
and i know it is clear, the clouds they are near
and the rain it is falling for me

someone is somewhere and closer I am
quietly watching his hands they are dry and
i hope to be warm in his hold and his charm
and i hope to be near somewhere with someone for me
and i hope to be near where the someone is clearly for me

i have the mp3 of wha ti recorded to remember the song (its what i usually do) but its all messy and crappy so maybe i'll post it so you get an idea of it.

also. its piano
and fabulous

Apr. 30th, 2008

08:37 am - poetry for co-workers's friends.

So a few months ago one of my co-workers, Erin, (female), with whom I am close, asked me if I was feeling creative and could write a few lines of some poetic nonsense for her to put on the Evite for her two friends engagement-happyhour. I did quite quickly and she, her friends, and the engaged couple loved it!

Amusingly enough, last night when I was at a concert at the Kennedy Center, Erin again called. She left a cute message asking if I could think of something for her two friends (and fellow co-workers) Ronya and Nate who were getting married September 09, so she was planning an congrats on your engagement happy hour for them at "claire and don's beach shack." As usual, I asked for a few details about them. Ronya is an Associate at bah (booz allen hamilton) and Nate is a sr. consultant; they love crosswords (to the point that their friends know it).

the poem would be for the evite.

So last night I made up a draft. she said as long as it was loveydovey thats all that mattered.. She suggested I plagiarize my previous piece for her other friends, but i do not steal poetry, especially my own haha.

whatcha think. Admittedly, its.. sappy.

1 Across: Amore, in four letters -
He says to her, and it gets better
"I do," she'll say for matrimony,
and will begin their harmony

An Autumn leaf may fall that day
And to her, he will certainly say,
"I do," to a new life together
till death do them part, through wear and weather

Within the firm, and yet beyond
A Marriage, it is a lifelong bond,
Associates together in B-A-H,
Our friends we read about on this page

2 down: 5 letter wife to be
Our Ronya with Nate, are complimentary
May 16th at Claire and Don's
we'll see a perfect couple's bonds.

Apr. 10th, 2008

04:16 pm - new poem

she who cries through the seas
seduces me with every ease.
her mind her flow her voice I hear
and slowly I succumb to be near

with wings that span a thousand shores
and scales that glisten to my oars
my boat it trembles silently
and I, I gaze on curiously

her feathers great and mighty yet
I haven't had the chance to let
my eyes and ears understand
the silence she has brought to land

my ears wish for her sweet song
and yet my heart continues to long
An encounter with a siren for me
I'll wait here in eternity

Mar. 31st, 2008

02:18 pm - sublime

by rishi

As the mist envelops the mind
I smile with dignity
A dialogue has begun,
On course through eternity.
Devout to the utmost thrill
His understanding of self
is an effervescent admiration
I have within myself.
He speaks of worlds, of mystery
between the hands of time
how princes, books, and seashells bask
intellectually in his mind
my senses watch and listen
to these written maps of time
literature, science and aesthetics,
bind to him, solemn and sublime.

Mar. 30th, 2008

04:02 am - written at 2 am last night (friday night)

by rishi

Like a drop of rain in a stormy sea,
I am but another poet.
But your warmth the other day gave me,
The inspiration to show it.

Many thanks I give, for your pleasant laugh
that resounds in our spoken minutes;
and the confidence from you I have,
Creates the perfect moments.

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